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Dog with Lampshade

You know you can do the job, but you don't quite fit. Why fake it, when we can help you make it!

Welcome to RWR!


You might notice a certain canine theme as you peruse our site, and that is deliberate.  We, as a recruitment agency, would not dare compare employers to pet owners, and employers to...well you know. 

We're becoming tangled up in analogies.

Lets quickly move on. 

When we lost our beloved pets - find out more by visiting the 'in memoriam' page - we wanted something that would keep them both, not just in our hearts, but on the lips, and in the memory, of others.  And as a nation of dog ( indeed all pets) lovers, it was obvious, when we decided to start our own business, what name and theme to utilise.

We are as professional as any of the multitude of recruiting species available out there, we're simply a stranger breed.  So give us a try, and perhaps after a while you will decide that we are best in show!

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